Spam email of the week

Subject: Glendale Incidents - News 2014-08-28 2:05:53

This is an interesting spam email tactic. They've taken an actual article from our actual website and used it as the subject header for this email. So, theoretically, were I an idiot, I would say to myself, "Oh, this legit person must be emailing me about something online. I better open this email and see what is happening so I can address it instantaneously and professionally. After all, I am the web editor, and I must adhere to my responsibilities."

Then I open the email.

Dear Sir / Madam,

"This person is good and nice, and I don't hold it against them that they don't know whether I have a penis or a vagina. After all, my work email handle, 'subscribe,' is not gender specific. But I definitely don't have a vagina, for what it's worth.

"Not sure why I needed to remind myself of that, but no going back now. My inner dialogue bites its tongue for no one."

I’m Mr. Zhang.

"Hello, Mr. Zhang. How can I help you with regard to the article mentioned from our website?"

Our Jingcai factory experienced manufacturer & exporter of clothes since 2006.

"Okaaaaaay, that is nice, I guess. How can I help you though with regard to the article mentioned from our website?"

We specialize in coat, overcoat, shirt, dress, pants, skirts & suits.

"I feel like we are getting off track here. How is this relative to the police blotter we posted back on Aug. 28? I just ... you have overcoats, huh?"

All our team members have had plenty of experience for years and we are enjoying high reputation for producing excellent quality.

"I'm gonna tell you right off the bat, Mr. Zhang - I don't deal with clothes manufacturers who don't enjoy a high reputation for excellent quality. I was shopping at a Jingcai factory here in Phoenix for years - YEARS - until one of the buttons on my pants popped off at an important meeting and my vagina popped out. I mean, what? It was embarrassing, is what I meant. Wasn't a week later that their rep started slippin' in the streets, and I dropped them like a bad habit. I don't front, is what I'm saying."

We mainly offer made to order clothes, OEM, private label and tag service.
We are able to make the clothes & sample according your design, picture or sample provided.

"I want a Grumpy Cat-themed overcoat that I can wear to work with a tag that says Marc Jacobs so people know it's one of those designer overcoats that's so ugly it's cool."

Welcome to send us clothes samples and designs to make samples for your reference.

"Lemme get this straight - I'm going to send you clothes samples, and then in return you send ME clothes samples? This sounds dope."

Hope to establish a business relationship with you.
Thanks a lot..

"You're welcome a lot!"

"Thank you for this picture."

"Better get the stitching right on my Grumpy Cat overcoat, son!"

"I had reservations about establishing a business relationship with you until I saw this picture. Now I am sold."

Feel free to let me know if you have any enquiries.

"Oh so we're cool with the website, right?"