Spam email of the week

Subject: Plastic Part Design Engineering

This is right up my alley. I work at a newspaper store.

We live with the moulds we produce

That is the most thought-provoking and inspirational statement I have ever read. How do I get this stitched on a throw pillow? Or how about a meme ...

12.Dear Sir Or Madam,

Did you make a list of at least a dozen potential salutations to which a human might be receptive, and then forget to delete the number? That is definitely what happened. I forgive you, and also - good choice! I am a sir, btw.

I am?writing?to?you to learn if you need?a good partner to make?plastic molds for you?to support?you to?be more?competitive .

Should I use the space bar here or a question mark? That is a dilemma that has plagued people who write emails for years. There's no right answer, of course - "Go with your gut" is what Strunk & White say - but what you've achieved here is a masterwork of balance. And to answer your question marks, yes - of course I need a good partner to make plastic molds for me, duh. How do you think newspapers get made, anyway? Magic? LOL

2K (2 components)
Sandwich (Stack-mold)
Gas-assisted injection
Rapid Prototyping
MIM (Metal injection moulding)

I like all types of plastic molds, obvs. BUT, gun to my head ... gotta go with the ol' sandwich stack-mold. I know, I know - pretty conservative for a mold head. But I should mention that I like mine with extra mustard, as we say in the biz. (mustard = sparkle glue)

Support to design and engineering
Moldflow adviser:
- Filling
- Warpage
- Shrinkage
Dimensional control
Mold Trials
Production of pilot runs

Person: Hello?

Me: Hi, this is Mike, from the newspaper store. Listen, we're running out of newspapers here and I need a moldflow advisor to get over here quick and warpage my sandwich mold, STAT!

Person: You got dimension control?

Me: Hell no we don't have dimension control! If we had dimension control I would have called the fire department, not ... wait, who did I call?

Person: This is Subway.

Consumer electronics
Food & Packaging


And many others


We are constantly looking for better solutions – to the benefit of our customers.
Looking forward to participating in your next projects!

We have many upcoming projects revolving around plastic molds for which we welcome your eager participation. We don't want to make any mistakes. After all:

I made this meme at work, btw.


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mkenny59 said…
Thank you, Pretech plast! This spam stuff is crazeballs, amirite?