Facebook meme of the day

Guys, I know I usually write up these memes in ALL CAPS, but this is my first country livin'-themed meme, and I want to show some respect.

I want to first show some respect by pointing out a few things pertaining to this meme's general construction:

- The picture is hella blurry.
- The words are hella big and cover up Billie Joe's hat.
- What kind of hat is Billie Joe wearing?
- The lawn does not look like it requires mowing, much less a double-mowing.

Far be it from me to question the stylings of @COUNTRYTHANG; in fact, if the terrible construction of this meme is intended to stay true to the country livin' aesthetic -- "You know 'yer a redneck if your Internet memes be lookin' like this (shows this meme)." - Jeff Foxworthy -- consider this a job well done.

That said, the thesis of this meme is well received: Jobs like mowing your own lawn don't have to feel like work if your buddy Billie Joe is sitting on your riding mower while using a push mower, rendering your own mowing meaningless, which is another word for fun.

That is the thesis if that is, in fact, a riding mower. If it just an ATV - I cannot tell because again, this picture is hella blurry - the thesis is from Billie Joe's perspective: Jobs like mowing your own lawn don't have to feel like work if your buddy Cooter Earl swings by and lets you sit your lazy ass on his ATV as he chauffeurs you around the backyard, wasting precious gas and highlighting your own ineptitude and the sheer dimness of your future.

Either of these theses rest soley in the interest of country livin', which is the larger point here. I don't know how or why this is country livin' - possibly because East and West Coast coast folks largely consider lawn-mowing to be an unenjoyable and mostly solitary task? - but it is.

In fact, I fear this meme may not translate to non-country livin' folks. Here are some helpful analogies:

If you love helping people find their dream home by staying attentive to their needs and using your knowledge of the industry, then going to your job as a real estate agent feels like play.

If you love writing and the deep-seated thrill you get from writing something that others find funny/relatable/inspiring, then sitting at your keyboard for hours on end feels like play.

If you love mowing your lawn while sitting on top of another, different lawnmower, then mowing your lawn while sitting on another, different lawnmower feels like play.

Thank you, everyone, for coming by today for an examination of country livin' and also country thangs. Until next time.