Spam email of the week

Subject: Re:Best Selling High Quality eGo-C Twist CE4 from Kapopo , ego c twis t 900ma h,ego c twist 6 50best pl ace to buy ego t wist

This is a good subject. It is nice.

Dear Friend,

I have no friends.

Good day

Is it, friend? Is it? With so much strife in the worl-

I am very glad to know you from your professional website,

You must be talking about, the very professional website I manage but also a place to learn a lot about me, personally, like that time I Council hears updates on Loop 303 improvements or how I always Property taxes go up 2 percent. I put myself out there, I guess.

you are the leading company of e cigarette products.

We are? Just kidding. We are. Our motto is: The Glendale Star: Glendale's community weekly since 1978 - news best enjoyed while inhaling an e cigarette (which we also manufacture)

I also notice that you pay much attention to lower your cost for quality e cig.

Weekly editorial meeting

Editor: And Mike, please make that correction online because that item is not included in the city's budget.

Me: Got it.

Publisher: Now, I need to make a point here. How much attention are we paying to lowering our cost for purchasing quality e cigarettes?

Me: I'll take this one. Boss, let me answer that truthfully, because I know it's been a point of contention among everyone in this room for the past few months. We are paying zero attention to lowering the cost for purchasing quality e cigarettes. But that is only because we do not purchase e cigarettes. We are a weekly newspaper.

Publisher: Is there anyone that can be of help?

That is where I can be of help.

Me: I think I know someone who can be of help. Let's just say it's a good friend.

When you next consider your arrangements for e cigarette products, I would welcome the opportunity to understand your requirements and situation.

Here are our requirements and situation, for your understanding. I wasn't exactly sure what you meant by situation, so I played it safe.

Requirements: zero e cigs 

Situation: not an e cig manufacturer 


I will send you more detailed information regarding this product in another email.

Please don't.

Best regards


Martina, may I have your address so I can mail out my e cig requirements?

Address:9F,No.4 Houdishan,Xinsha Road,Bao'an District,Shenzhen,Guangdong,China

(writes out letter expressing love for low cost e cigs, mails to:)

No. 4
Xinsha Road
Bao'an District

(letter returned to sender eight weeks later with note that reads "Xinsha DRIVE")