Classic card of the week


This card makes it possible for Tommy Aldridge to meet Oscar Gamble and have something to talk about. As for me, I want to be shrunken down to the size of cricket and exist in that 'fro for all of eternity, living solely off its lush forest of essential oils.



You don’t say? I was going to guess: eggs Benedict

BIRTHDAY August 15

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TOMMY ALDRIDGE!” – what I am going to write on Tommy Aldridge’s Facebook timeline on August 15th.

FORMER BAND Ozzy Osbourne

As someone who grew up listening to mostly hip-hop and dope R&B slow jams, I know very little about hair metal/rock. But even I know Ozzy Osbourne is a person and not a band. (checks Internet to confirm) My bad, the band’s name was Ozzy Osbourne. Please continue.

PROFILE Like all members of Whitesnake

This could read anything and I would believe it.

Tommy Aldridge’s rock pedigree stretches far back into rock history books.

He opened for Fats Domino at a New Orleans nightclub in 1950.

Originally this Southern born gentleman


was the drummer for the legendary Black Oak Arkansas

Oh yes who can ever forget Black Cat Arkansauce.

where his bare-fisted solos won acclaim from coast to coast.

Most drummers at the time wore gloves? Also, if I remember correctly, things got pretty heated there, with East Coast heads reppin’ Tommy Aldridge’s bare-fisted solos and West Coast heads reppin’ Bobby Blotzer’s (real person, I looked it up) bare-fisted solos.

He then performed with Ozzy Osbourne before assuming the “Snake” throne.

The Whitesnake throne is white (obvs), has snakes on it (obvs), and on each armrest sits a woman wearing a bikini (obvs), and the bikini is white and has snakes on it. Please wipe down the Whitesnake throne with a disinfectant cloth after use, thank you. - Management


Bill said…
Awesome! Best bare-fisted writeup of a rock card that I've seen today. (And at least top 5 this month.)
mkenny59 said…
That is a great compliment! And thanks again for the goods!