Father-in-law update (sub-head: Please buy my book)

Scene: Face Time session yesterday evening between my wife and daughters and my in-laws:

Wife: Dad, I've been telling the girls about this - do you remember the song you used to sing to me before bed when I was little?

Tony: Oh yeah, oh yeah ... (sucks teeth) ... the song ... when you were little? I just ... hmmm ... you know I ... (becomes distracted)

Wife: DAD! You honestly don't remember? You sang it to me every night before bed! Then you bought me the music box that played the same song.

Tony: Oh yeah, oh yeah ... I just ... song, huh? It was a song?

Me: (in background washing dishes, joking) I bet if you asked him who won the Masters in 2008 he would remember.

Wife: Mike said if I asked you who won the Masters in 2008 you would know.

Dad: Ha, ha ... yeah, yeah, yeah ... (distracted)

Wife: C'mon, Dad, you seriously can't remember?

Dad: I don't know, I just ... Tiger Woods?

End scene

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Anonymous said…
OMG-I'm laughing out loud at my desk!!
Anonymous said…
That pretty much sums it all up...hysterical!