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Subject: B2B Decision makers/Influencers Database 2014

Do people have actual jobs doing things like business-to-business marketing and data compiling and optimal targeting? It seems like this is not real, and only exists in some alternate universe that somehow has means to online communication. I have never met an actual person who boasts such a vague mode of employment, nor do I know anyone who has every utilized such services. Then again, I am not in the business world, and I make like $8,000 a year. Actually, let me hear them out …

Would you be interested to reach Decision makers and Influencers from Healthcare, K-12, Information Technology, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Insurance, Finance/Banking, Telecom, Retail, Construction, Computer Software/Hardware, Hospitality, HR, Energy and Utilities, Manufacturing, Automotive, Marketing/Advertising, Publishing, Event, meeting or trade show planners and many more?

Would you like to reach people in the following fields: every field?

Yes, is my answer. Healthcare companies totes need to buy this book. Also: telecom. What do I do now?

We can customize the list for you,

What list? Am I supposed to have a list? Who makes th-

based on your target audience from BtoB Industry.

Am I ... what? Are these words?

Do let me know who you target, so that I can send you counts and pricing for your review.

You are being very aggressive and I do not know what is happening.

Please let me know your target criteria (Business Vertical / Job Titles)


so that we can send you counts

"I need the counts on this business vertical, stat!" - from the business drama, BtoB: The Decision-Makers, starring Russell Crowe as Business Bob and Mark Wahlberg as Johnny Industry

and cost along with the document.

Tell the world my story - I was trying to compile data ... (takes shot from glass marked with skull and crossbones, passes out)


Sarah Adams

Everyone, please email Sarah for all of your data processing needs. She is a sweetheart!