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Terrell Brandon, 1998 NBA Hoops/Skybox

NBA Hoops sports cards would like to take this time to give Terrell Brandon a shOUT. So, holla back, Terrell Brandon. Ya’ know…whenever. Many people may be confused as to what, exactly, a shOUT is, myself included. However, using my vast powers of translation as well as my inordinate amount of street cred, I have inferred that a shOUT is actually a clever – albeit not clever – way of saying (or, writing on a sports card) shout-out. And everybody knows what a shout-out is, which is basically a means of acknowledging that somebody is alive, and that you may or may not know them. By giving someone a shout-out, you are not necessarily wishing them any kind of good fortune, or even trying to elicit a response (although, to holla back would display good manners). You are simply acknowledging their existence within a public forum. Upon further review, NBA Hoops cards probably should have used that extra white space for the additional “out” required to give someone an adequate shout-out. Nevertheless, Terrell Brandon has been officially shouted-out. But why? Let’s see what the back of the card says: Mighty how you elevate the game of others with your dash and understated flash. Now, poetry such as this doesn’t necessarily have to succeed a shout-out, but in this case, it does. And yes, “flash” can be understated, as long as it’s not flashy. Let’s move on. Keeping it real and continuing to hang with childhood friends shows us how earnest you really are. That does not rhyme as well as the introductory statement regarding dash, but now we are starting to discover why Terrell Brandon earned a shOUT in the first place, which is mainly because he did not abandon his childhood friends. For example, I would never receive a shOUT from NBA Hoops cards because I have lost touch with virtually every person that I went to grammar school with. I am sure they are all keeping it real and giving each other frequent shout-outs while I sit here surrounded by a brand new group of friends that I will also abandon when I move on to my next stage in life, which just might involve becoming an NBA point guard. That is how I roll. It also appears as though this particular Terrell Brandon card is “3 of 30SO,” which I can only assume means the 3rd of 30 total shOUT cards. This means that 29 other NBA players received shout-outs as well, all of who have remained earnest by hanging with their childhood friends, elevating them with their dash.

Terrell Brandon fun facts!

Favorite Food: Split pea soup

Favorite Book: Clifford the Big Red Dog

Favorite Movie: When Harry Met Sally

Favorite Music Artist: Bruce Hornsby (not the Range…they suck)

Pet Peeve: Annoying childhood friends

Did you know?
Terrell Brandon holla’d back to this card with a slight head nod.


Sports Cards said…
Got to love the shout-outs set. Terrell was one of those players that always did well but never got any hobby love at all.