Spam email of the week

Subject: RE:dark grey

There's only one lady I know who sends emails with such eloquent, informative subject headers ...

From: Connie-9 []


Nice day to you my dear friend,

It is so good to hear from you again, Connie! Indeed we are dear friends. This what dear friends do - talk about slabs over email.

How are you?:)

I am good, thanks! Well, to be honest, I guess I could be doing a little bit better. Spring is here and I am all out of slabs :(

Spring is coming, many project is started again,

As they say.

and clients also start concentrating on purchasing or plans for market demand again,

Ahhh, spring. The weather warms up, birds are chirping, butterflies flutter by, the smell of fresh flowers fills the air, and clients start concentrating on purchasing or plans for market demand again. So it goes during CAPITALIST SPRING.

inquiries from them also increase obviously.


So i wonder if you also need    related information.

Yes, I need information related to spring and market demand and also inquiries. Not exactly those things because I already have those things, but something related. Something like, oh I don't know ... a G654?

Anyway here I'd like to share some basic information of G654 for you firstly,


In case there will be more questions, just email me freely,

I anticipate having questions.

My first question is who is taking your slab pics? Is this a picture of a picture of G654 slabs? This is just my opinion - as a dear friend, I feel obliged to tell it like it is - but if you're going to promote G654 top polished big slabs, invest in a slab photographer. It's easy! "WANTED: #slabphotog" Boom.

Hey slab guys - working hard or hardly working? LOL, j/k slab guys - you keep doing your thing. I am curious as to where you think I live that I'd have a staircase made out of these giant G654 slabs, but I can't argue the quality.

Connie, before I order, can you send some info regarding the safety conditions of your manufacturing plants? I feel like floppy 90s-style hats are maybe not the best protection against falling slabs. I know, but hey - I'm a union guy. Thanks.


troy said…
'Slab' is kind of a funny word, isn't it?
mkenny59 said…
It is. I'm making a blog living on that concept.