Spam email of the week

Subject: From ms Juliet.

Hi Ms. Juliet.. That is cool how you have a period in your name like the band FUN.. Let's set the world on fire, we can grow brighter than the sun with this email. I feel inspired. Also I hate that song and I hate you.

Hi Let me inform yu my desire to establish in your country through your help.

I learned about Juliet in high school English but Juliet doesn't know high school English HA HA HA HA HA that is a joke I just thought of, top of the head. Just keepin' it real, not trying to offend anyone here. But seriously you seem like a moron. What's up?

Although we do not know, there is this amount $6.5 my father deposit in BANK before he was killed.

Let's break this beauty down.

Although we do not know,

Although we do not know WHAT?

Here are some things I do not know, in addition to why you used the phrase "Although we do not know":


That is the list.

there is this amount $6.5 my father deposit

Oh snap, pops was rolling with six fiddy? Let's withdraw that fundage and buy a Chipotle burrito.


Sounds like a cool bank! BANK BANK BANK. This six dollars and fifty cents is burning a hole in my pocket ... what to do? Why don't you deposit it in BANK? Great idea! Here you go, BANK. Now I'll just sit back and let the interest accumulate, and feel safe knowing my money is in da BANK. BANK! I drive CAR to BANK and I live in HOUSE. I wear SHIRT and PANTS to BANK when I go to BANK.

before he was killed.

Sorry about that.

And it seems to me
Juliet's father lived his life
like a candle in the wind
Never knowin'
Who to cling to
When he went to BANK
And I would have like to 've known him
But I was just a kid
When he made his BANK deposit
And then died in a way that hasn't yet been explained

if you can help me

I feel like I just did, with some closure.


That is the end of the email. ???????????????????????????????????????????????? THANK YOU FOR READING TODAY EVERYONE.


Bill said…
I enjoyed reading this on BLOG.

And are we to assume Juliet's father had just three dollars more than the Loch Ness Monster?