Spam email of the week

Subject: Re: supply sinochem PE / PVC resin

Hey I recognize some of those words! One of those words!

Dear Sirs:

I am ... but one man. But yeah, sometimes it feels like I do the work of three sirs, LOL. Thanks for recognizing my work ethic, uh ... I'm sorry - I didn't catch your name ...

This is Helen from " DAER POLYMERS GROUP " in China.

Oh word? Helen, like Jack, is a very common Chinese name, so thank you for specifying you are Helen from " DAER POLYMERS GROUP, " which is another thing I understand. Everything is adding up nicely here.

We export SINOCHEM and Recycled plastic materials nearly 10 years :

Is that a colon or an emotionless emoticon?

We export SINOCHEM : (feeling "eh" about exporting SINOCHEM)

and Recycled plastic materials : (feeling "eh" about exporting Recycled plastic materials)

nearly 10 years : (feeling "eh" about being in business nine years)

and also we are traveling to Chinese water park tomorrow for field day :/ (feeling anxious about riding the log floam)

 Titanium Dioxide / PVC resin

 HDPE / LDPE / LLDPE / PP ( Injection and film grade )


Welp, I'm sold. At first I thought you just exported sinochem and recycled plastic materials, but all these other letters too? I am so excited I feel like someone just injected me with film grade PP. #sinochenjokes

Please share your order with us, we do better than others !

" DAER POLYMERS GROUP ": we do better than others !

Helen, that motto is the Kendrick Lamar verse of plastic material exporting company mottos. Other plastic material exporting companies be like, "Wait - what'd that b*tch say?" But hey, sorry other plastic material exporting companies - the proof is in the pudding: Check yo self:

Daaaaaaaaaaaaang. The realness. Check the sticky note popping out of blob No. 1 - ain't NOBODY else be getting sticky notes to pop out of their sinochem like that. Just ordered 28 of those, plus some marbles and PET resin. 'Bout to make it RAIN up in herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.