Spam email of the week

Subject: Custom Components Manufacture

Sexy AND relevant to my life.

 (Friendly note:If you are not the right ones, pls kindly reply simple words like”NO”,thanks.)

We've seen this before. Such a great sentence. My favorite sentence. In fact, this email is again from famed Chinaman, Jack Davis. Preach on, Jack.

Dear Sir

This is shorthand for Dear Sir Random Box, who is the knighted Earl of Worthington and who also needs custom components for all his stupid things. I am not he, but this misunderstanding could prove advantageous.

Have a good day!

Is this the end of the email? This seems like the end of the email, but there are more words? I'm confused. Also, thanks! You too.

We are TTi company come from China.

Well that's all well and good and grammatically correct, but: what do you specialize in?

We specialize in plastic injection moulding and machining field over ten years.

I couldn't have less a sense of what you are even talking about. But 10 years is a decade, so please continue.

With advanced CNC Milling machine, Electric Discharge Machining, wire-cutting machine, drilling machine, injection machine and skilled engineers.

Stop. You had me at Electric Discharge Machining.

If you don't need now ,marking or saving us for your future need will be very appreciated, thanks.

I definitely foresee a future need for a wire-cutting machine, so I have bookmarked this email in the "delete" folder because what I just said was a joke about a wire-cutting machine.

Happy life and good work with you.

That is a normal sentiment.


Jack Davis  (China)

I almost forgot you were from China for a second there, JACK DAVIS. Please pass along my regards to your fellow Chinaman and co-woker, BILLY JOE MARKOWITZ. Also, I almost forgot: any pictures that could sway my decision?

Oh I definitely know what that is and could easily operate it without killing myself. Send me three. Got any orange things?



C Riddle said…
...and Dude, the preferred nomenclature is "Asian-American"

"Donny, you're out of your element!"

mkenny59 said…
Love it, all TBL references accepted here.