Well, that sucked

To Chien Ming Wang: Maybe you need a new pitch. Dick.

To Derek Jeter: You’re officially on notice.

To Roger Clemens: Go away.

To Andy Pettitte: Whatever.

To Jorge Posada: A hit would have been nice. But hey, you call a great game.

To Joe Torre: Thanks for staying awake.

To Johnny Damon: That thing down the first base line is called “first base.” You should go there sometime.

To Mike Mussina: Thanks for sucking so bad this season that the team had to ask a cigarette-smoking sinker-baller to pitch on three days rest.

To Alex Rodriguez: I don’t care what you do.

To Jason Giambi: You still here?

To John Sterling: Don’t worry, it was the bugs’ fault.

Joe, wake up! You're fired.


CMB said…
You forgot to tell Cano and Cabrera that they are not playing little league. When they are down runs and need good defense, they should not be chuckling with each other. What a mess and a disgrace. Oh yeah, and Steinbrenner should keep his obnoxious mouth shut. Old goat!
If I were you, I'd be a Diamondback fan ;)