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Timm Rosenbach, 1992 Collector’s Edge

Timm Rosenbach is a name that is synonymous with Cardinals’ football. Other words and phrases that are synonymous with Cardinals' football include putrid, “tickets are still available,” basement, + 13, and “Edgerrin James immediately regrets that decision.” Timm Rosenbach stood out within the NFL landscape, not just because he was below average, but because he spelled his first name with two “m”s, an eccentricity rarely witnessed before the days of Aaron Brooks, who spelled his name with two “a”s, and who was equally awesome before he was kicked out of the league in 2006 for being “too awesome.” Mr. And Mrs. Rosenbach, since separated in an incident not related to Bill Belichick, could not agree between “Tim” – which Mr. Rosenbach claimed made his son sound like a two-bit accountant – and “Timmy” – which Mrs. Rosenbach said made her son sound like “that smelly kid you sat behind in science class in third grade.” The compromise was an unprecedented “Timm,” which, at the very least, guaranteed their son backup quarterback status for at least three years. Legend has it, Timm Rosenbach, who was not an adequate trash talker, would tell the opposing defense at the line of scrimmage, “The name’s Timm – the extra ‘m’ is for ‘make my day,’” at which point he would yell, “Hike!” and then trip over his feet in the backfield. Amazingly, Timm Rosenbach threw for over 3,000 yards in 1990, mostly as a result of the Cardinals being down 27-0 at the end of the first quarter in each game they played. He also had 16 touchdowns passes and only 17 interceptions, giving him a TD/INT ratio of 16/17, which was tops in the league among quarterbacks with an inexplicable extra letter in their first name.

Did you know?
Timm Rosenbach’s son, Jasonnn, loves science and is very smelly.