Classic card of the week

Kenny Rogers, 1994 Upper Deck

Kenny Rogers didn’t always hate cameramen. In fact, back in 1993, he would even sit for a few minutes and pose for a shot. Ya’ know, to make the job of the cameraman just a little bit easier. He was that kind of guy in 1993. No, seriously - he was! This particular pose is called the “I’m Just Happy to Be Here – Make Sure You Get My Mullet” pose. Very popular at the time. Of course, this was eventually replaced by the “Get the $#@! Out of My Face Before I Stick That Camera Up Your Ass” pose, which was slightly less popular among the cameramen community (population: 12). You can tell by his face that Kenny Rogers has no idea he’s about to go to the Yankees for two straight years of sub par pitching. Look – he’s clueless! You’ve been punk’d, Kenny Rogers! Ha, ha! Actually, wait – we’ve been punk’d. Whatever. Kenny Rogers also has very large eyebrows, but they remain excellently groomed, as you can see. Legend has it that Rogers had to comb his ‘brows with the infield rake in between innings, or else they would get all bushy and crap, and stuff would get caught in them, like hot dog wrappers. I don’t know, that’s just what I heard. Anyway, after this picture was taken, Kenny Rogers kicked the cameraman in the nuts, spit on him, and screamed, “I said get the mullet, you @#$hole!” Then he went to the bullpen to warm up. He didn’t care. True story.

Did you know?
I made up that last story.