Classic card of the week

Cleveland Gary, 1991 Pro Line (Portraits series)

This is Cleveland Gary, and he’s going to be on the “skins” team, okay? You got a problem with that? I didn’t think so. Cleveland lists his interests, in order, as “working out, grooming his mustache, working out, messin’ with some *#@*$!, and all types of ill &@*!.” Though many professional athletes from Scottie Pippen to John Starks have been credited with the trend, it was actually Cleveland Gary who revolutionized the early 90’s wave of wearing spandex under your shorts, except that the spandex is much longer than the actual shorts. It was shocking when that trend expired. Also, if you can’t tell from the picture, Cleveland Gary did not play for the Cleveland Garys – he played for the Rams. Apparently. I mean, that’s what it says on the back. Also on the back are some helpful hints from Cleveland. Ya’ know, for the kids. “So each Sunday you have to be prepared – there’s no half-stepping.” (Big Daddy Kane would later say, “Only Cleveland would put a ‘g’ at the end of half-steppin’.”) Anyway, Cleveland Gary had, ironically, half-stepped his way out of the NFL by 1994, when he refused to put a shirt on for the opening coin toss. (He also reportedly chose “pecks” instead of heads or tails.)

Did you know?
Cleveland Gary is so strong that steroids take him.


Diggity Don said…
I can't wait for the congressional hearings. It'll be refreshing to hear Steroids' side of the issue.