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*Special Friday edition
Mike Tresemer, 1989 Star

I am 100 percent certain that, with the possible exception of one Mike Tresemer, I am the only person on the planet in possession of this card. And honestly, I have no idea where this thing came from. It’s not a “classic card” in the sense that people are at least mildly familiar with the player. Or the team. Or the brand of card. Or anything really. But there is a great mustache, and a surplus of the color blue, and that’s gotta count for something. In fact, I’m not even sure this is a real baseball card. For starters, Mike Tresemer, according to the card, is a pitcher, yet, he is holding a baseball bat. “This is me getting ready to bunt.” Also, Tresemer appears to be a member of a team called the Memphis Chicks, which would seem like quite an effeminate name for a baseball team, especially one that features at least one great ‘stache. But upon further inspection, the “Chicks” were short for “Chickadees,” which was the name of a Native American tribe. I’m sure the Native Americans were proud. “Okay, listen – here’s the deal. We’ll take Memphis, but your memory will live on in the form of a Double-A baseball team. Sound good? Here’s a Mike Tresemer card. Try not to smoke it.” The back of the card also specifies that Tresemer spent part of 1988 playing for Baseball City, where he went 7-2 with a 2.14 ERA. He then moved on to Home Run Town, and later Baseballville, where he was equally as dominant. The “Star” in the upper right hand corner is apparently the brand of the card. The Star Company specialized in creating minor league baseball cards that nobody bought because they featured players who never made it to the major leagues because they sucked. Actually, the more I look at this card, the less I’m convinced that it’s real. I’m thinking someone from my dad’s company softball team back in the day went to the Brunswick Square Mall and had this done, and it somehow ended up in my box of old cards. It probably says “Lovers” on the back of the jersey. Yeah – the Mobil Chicks-Lovers. That sounds about right. And it’s much less offensive. Sort of.

Did you know?
The last “R” in “Tresemer” is silent, and his clubhouse mustache grooming tactics eventually led to the popular line of Treseme hair-care products.


CMB said…
Ok, now I know the summer heat has gotten to your brain! That post was great - I am laughing my butt off. Maybe it was one of your Dad's old softball teams from New Brunswick and they played for Chick's Inn - great fish!
Anonymous said…
You're totally wrong, hate to tell you! I have one of those cards too, as do a bunch of us in my office who are friends with Mike, only mine's got a red border....and Mike Tresemer himself gave it to me. He's my friend and coworker (we live in Northern California) and he really did play for the Memphis Chicks. He's a really nice guy too!
mkenny59 said…
holy crap! are you serious?!! if so, that is amazing. i never, in my wildest dreams, imagined that a "classic card" would come to life. really though, this is unbelievable. please give mike my best, and tell him i'm sorry for saying he sucked. i took liberties with that one - i've never seen him play. go chicks!
Anonymous said…
Actually, Mike is a TERRIFIC Little League All Star coach in Elk Grove California. He is a great guy and as humble as they come. Mike has given my son a boat load of baseball knowledge that is truly priceless. Thanks Mike!!!!

Troy, Nef, and Troix
Bo said…
You're not the only one, Mike. I just got this card last week! (by the way, not a fan of this new design - it was very difficult to figure out how to comment. still love your blog though!)
mkenny59 said…
Hey Bo! I can't believe you got this card last week ... of all the cards I've ever posted, I never imagined this Mike Tresemer would be the one most people could relate to, including (above) people who actually know Mike Tresemer. I am dumbfounded. Also, sorry you're not loving the new design ... I'm still getting used to it myself, but yeah -- blogger makes it very difficult for humans to comment and not so difficult for spam robots to comment about casinos, which is weird. Nevertheless ... thanks!