Classic card of the week

Car 26 Quaker State, 1991 Pro Set

We break from our usual “classic card” baseball theme to bring you, quite possibly, the most action-packed card ever made. This one, entitled “Car,” was the most popular card to ever come out of the Pro Set Racing Series, which is saying a lot, because a year later they would release a card where you could almost make out who the driver was. (It kind of looked like Samuel L. Jackson, but I don’t think it was.) It’s difficult to determine from the card whether “car” is a) beating the crap out of everyone, b) in dead last place, or c) running a practice lap. But one thing’s for sure – it’s got a mean front spoiler. The mindset behind the Pro Set Racing Series was simple: If there’s anything – anything – more exciting than getting drunk and watching a car drive around a track 2,000 times, it’s not getting drunk and staring at a still photo of a car driving around a track 2,000 times. And I have to admit - I was totally into the racing card circuit for a while, until I got screwed over in the summer of 1987. Basically, I made the mistake of trading a rookie year Quaker State green car for a second-year Napa Auto Parts red car. I know, I know…dumb move on my part. Napa Auto Parts red car went on to win the Triple Crown that year, and Quaker State green car busted up its ACL down at Daytona. Live and learn, I guess. Anyway, if you’re interested in checking out the guys behind the beauty pictured above, check out the back of the card, pictured below. Three mullets + three pairs of Blue Blockers = one fast &*^%% car. That’s all I’m saying.

Did you know?“Car” won the ESPY in 1991 for “Best Fuel Gage.”