Facebook meme of the week

OK I guess.

But like, do you mean kill them? Because I will do whatever you say, owl.

Am I the only one who is 100% on board with this top hat-wearing owl's worldview?

Thank you, Lesley.

Lot to digest here.

From what I can gather, Lesley knows a mouthy bitch who’s got more gob (a.k.a. “gab,” a.k.a. words) than an elephant as (a.k.a. “has”) ass, which is to say a lot of words (elephants have big butts, scientifically). Lesley would like to sew this metaphorical elephant ass of words shut so it stops sh*tting words on her, and when she does sew the elephant butt closed, she will wipe off the words that have already spewed on her. Relative to this meme, I think Lesley would also like to wipe this mouthy bitch out of her life. My guess is that Lesley has been feeling this way about her mouthy bitch friend for some time now, and this owl meme was the catalyst allowing her to express her true feelings … and eloquently I might add. Anyway, good luck, Lesley!

“Today I settle all family business, so don’t tell me that you’re innocent.” – Sandra Gentry, on her tour of confronting backstabbing, two-faced, greedy, disgusting people

Honestly she has a point.

Whoa, Delores slow your roll—this is a family meme comment thread. If you want to sew shut the elephant ass of a mouthy bitch, that’s one thing. But your vile sentiment has no place here.

OK sure. You too?

One can only hope Mariah gets this.

Mariah: (at home, wiping away tears … gets Facebook notification) OMG this owl is so right. That’s it—I’m finally going to kill Lois.

I think the word you’re looking for is “advice,” which need not be capitalized, and also this is equal parts nonsensical and terrible advice, from a cartoon owl on a meme that’s unaware a space should go after a comma, and which generally seeks validation of its ill-conceived sentiment through awful, misspelled comments like yours. But other than that, I feel ya’. 

Anyway, have a great Thursday evening, everyone.


troy said…
No more all caps? WHY NO MORE ALL CAPS?

BTW thanks for clearing up the elephant phrase's intended meaning, I had zero idea, although now that you told me it seems pretty obvious.
KO Rob said…
That owl is a little mascara away from being Alex from A Clockwork Orange. He is peering into my soul.
mkenny59 said…
troy: I know- I had started with ALL CAPS, but it didn't work for the Lesley breakdown. I was being a mouthy bitch and the ALL CAPS was too much.

KO Rob: Nice call. AND, it does seem like he is suggesting some ultra-violence, no?