Facebook meme of the week

This heartwarming sentiment is indeed a thematic device from most Disney movies. One in particular that comes to mind-- as is evident in this well-put-together meme-- is Mickey and Minnie Go West. Plot: "After being ignored by his distant but now visiting relative, Uncle Moosehead, more times than he can bear, Mickey Mouse decides to explore the United States' western terrain and become a cowboy mouse. But he can't do it alone, and decides to bring along his on-again, off-again flame, Minnie, who is struggling in her own right to overcome the feeling of not mattering to her stepmother, exemplified in a gut-wrenching opening scene during which Stepmother Horse yells, 'YOU DON'T MATTER!' to a distraught Minnie. Along their travels, Mickey and Minnie discover the invaluable lesson that it's easiest to navigate 'the western terrain' of family when you only deal with the ones you like. Comforted by this notion, they strike gold in San Francisco and never return east."

Speaking of true stories ...

He died doing what he loved: Spammed in the comment thread of a nonsensical Mickey and Minnie Mouse-themed Facebook meme.

"I have no family." - Kim Sybell, emboldened by Mickey Mouse meme

"Mom? It's Kim. Listen, this jackass lawyer told me that I can't work for the parking authority unless I pay my outstanding fines, so I need $250." - Kim Sybell, tomorrow

Is this meme endorsed by God? Hard to say, but Janie Chappel makes a darn good one-word-sentence case.

(Sidebar: I've never wished this blog were more popular for the sake of my ego, only on the sporadic occasions when I wish I could reference something that would be understood by a larger audience. For example, I would love to name my fantasy baseball team this year "Bestie New Family" but who would get that? Even league members who are friends since high school don't read this blog. And if they were to ask what my team name even means it would be difficult to drive home the point that I'm not referencing my own blog-- how vain!-- but a Facebook comment I found to be absurd. Anyway, this is the life I've chosen I guess.)

This is all well and good, but are there any non-Caucasian-American, Disney-obsessed folks who are brave enough to endorse this meme?

Perfect. It's settled then: Bestie New Meme.


PlanetJane said…
Dude, if you DON'T name your fantasy baseball team "Bestie New Family" I will never forgive you. It's like #FestXmassy: just because only four or five people in the known universe will get it doesn't mean it's not worth making the effort.