Facebook meme of the week

This is good stuff right here. I'm usually critical of the random cartoon characters placed into these memes, but I feel like this frog works pretty well for the sentiment. I've seen this frog on a lot of these memes and I don't know where it's from. Am I supposed to? It seems British. I just Googled "who is that weird cartoon frog" and it didn't yield the desired results. If anyone knows, please don't tell me because I've already lost interest. On to the comments!

This is the very first comment in the thread, and I sincerely hope we come across George's initial mistake later on. Whatever the error was, I like how he bravely recovered and persisted in his steadfast intention to comment on this weird frog/shit meme. "Forgive my error in this dialogue; what I meant to say was ..." That said, I'm unsure how being reincarnated as soft toilet paper will help him in any way, as he will still be used to wipe butts and the comfort level will only be realized by the wiper. It's tough to argue, however, that it wouldn't be gross to be used on men's butts. Women's poop is much less poopy. Sexual even? I'm speaking for George here, not myself.

I'm pretty sure we found the first weird frog/shit meme with a comment thread that should come with a spoiler alert. He should have made a joke about Wolverine using toilet paper because, seriously! How does he even do it? lol Anyway, it's hard NOT to believe, based on his profile pic, that Ryan isn't dropping this comment in threads across the internet, indifferent to its relevance or lack thereof. I commend that.

I'm not sure "bulletproof" is an apt word to describe toilet paper, but I don't blame Ronald for using this opportunity to wax nostalgic about the glory of old fashioned toilet paper.

Girl: Grandpa, what were things like when you were a kid?

Grandpa: Back in MY day the toilet paper was bulletproof! Made yer hiney bleed real good! And one handful of toilet paper would get ya' through the whole week! And when it was finally full of poop we'd take it out back and shoot it until it died. But it took a while! Tough sonofabitch. Toilet paper today is too soft!

With a frog profile pic and an obvious affection for TP through the years, my guess is that Ronald will have a difficult time finding a meme that better represents his varied interests. So this one's for you, Ron. Enjoy it.

Thank you for the technicality on this meme, Bradley. "Actually, even though I do love pizza very much, I cannot, in fact marry it, because it's an inanimate object and cannot express its consent. Duh!" - Bradley Mathews, 3rd grade

We might be taking liberties with the term "very well said" on this 10-word frog meme in which 30% of the words are "shit" and "toilet paper." I'm also unsure we can value the opinion of what is and what is not well said from someone who uses the most random capitalization I have seen in quite some time. I mean, how is "frankly" not capitalized when it's so close to Frank?

And there is George's first take. Not his strongest, obvs, but let he who hasn't hit the wrong button while attempting to comment on a frog/poop meme cast the first stone.

I think you mean "wiping," but your point is well received. (It is not.)

Feels like we're losing steam here.

OK yeah, we're done. It was fun while it lasted! (It was not.)


troy said…
Well foggy you too, Harriet Munroe!
KO Rob said…
I think Eddie Donato makes a salient point, because who doesn't ask "For Ask All ???" when toilet paper reincarnation matters are being discussed. BTW, the frog is from the movie Meet the Robinsons,which hasn't nothing to do with talking shit or tp.
mkenny59 said…
Thanks, KO Rob! I've never heard of Meet the Robinsons either, but because it's NOT about toilet paper, I don't really care to see it. But again, thanks.