Cardinals t-shirt of the week

Obviously this is a great meme turned t-shirt. Any Arizona Cardinals fan would be proud to wear this, and on behalf of all non-Cardinals fans and the general population—thanks for the warning!

If you’re looking to anchor your football-watching wardrobe with wit and subtle nuance, this is your best bet … at least until Zubaz creates its highly-anticipated line of domestic violence wear. Now, normally I’m not one to nitpick well-conceived Arizona Cardinals memes and apparel, and this shirt in particular is beyond reproach. Nevertheless, I have to acknowledge the minor detail that it seems as though the yellow guy who was watching the Cardinals and wishing to not be disturbed is the one on the receiving end of otherwise justifiable violence. Possibly sheer rage turned him grey when his wife/child/brother/friend/grandmother had the audacity to enter the room and ask how he preferred his slab of red meat to be cooked. In fact, that is what I’ll assume which, now that I think about it, makes perfect sense and adds an element of thought and interpretation to this t-shirt that escaped me upon initial viewing. Hashtag art.

I also like to imagine that our protagonist is literally watching a static Cardinals logo on television and not an actual game. 


Bill said…
Yeah, this one's pretty good, but no blood coming from the interrupter turned domestic assault victim? I think these memes might be going soft.

Uh oh, I gotta go, a yellow co-worker heard my comment and it looks like he's turning gray...
mkenny59 said…
Be careful out there, Bill!