Our girls have a tendency to pass notes to each other during times of conflict—see here:

—and distress. We came to discover that, when they are sent to their rooms for any of the wide range of infractions they commit daily, they’ve been secretly escaping, if only to slide notes under each other’s doors. My first assumption was that these notes were a means to continue the pointlessly bizarre argument that earned them room time in the first place, but I was mistaken. They are actually notes of encouragement (!). It’s as if they are bound to the walls of a maximum security prison, and whatever energies they spent on crime must now be expended more selflessly, to ensure that all hope is not lost.

This was certainly the nature of the best note we found (the name cross-outs are mine):

Don’t go too far away from your dreams

It’s a marvelous, inspiring, 30 Rock-esque sentiment, made more impressive by the correct spelling of “too.” I darn near shed a tear on this one. It’s true that being hopelessly confined to a room full of books and toys for like seven minutes might compromise the very dreams that sustain us all. The fact that our 7-year-old felt this deep in her soul, and that through her own hardship she was able to draw strength and empathy for the plight of her sister is just … it’s just freakin’ wonderful, alright?

It’s just freakin’ wonderful.


KO Rob said…
That's some adorable stuff right there. I watched my 8 year old give his 4 year old brother some pointers on how to throw a spiral during a Nerf catch on the beach this past weekend. He even got down on one knee like a miniature Knute Rockne at one point. There might have even been some tussling of hair. It was all I could do not to shed a tear. I stopped watching at the 20 minute mark, in fear of jinxing it and having them go back to plotting each other's death.
mkenny59 said…
Right? These rare, fleeting moments of awesomeness give us hope that we're doing something right. Thanks, man!