Spam email of the week

Subject: News

Of the good nature, I hope.

Good day.
1) Yes, Putin is the maniac, killer, bastard...

This is not good news.

Tell me the population of Japan.


It is about 140 millions or smth...

Yep. I just checked, and it says "The population of Japan is 140 millions or something. Whatevs." Now that we've got the population of Japan out of the way, let's talk more about that maniac killer.

They live at island.


South Korea has 40-50 millions, who live at peninsula.

I live at desert land mass. My name Mike. Population: ones.

Russian population is 120 millions lives at 20% of earth.

"Welcome to Russia, a.k.a. 20 percent of earth. Try our gazpacho, and maybe keep a low profile."

And this idiot every day occupies new territories. Crazy stupid ass, and nothing very much.

This is a good political editorial. Really makes you think.

There are hundreds and thousands of Putin's tanks, which goes to Ukraine day and night to kill us.
Putin is mentally ill and conversations with him these days are the waste of time.

This seems to imply that the person who wrote this has an audience with Putin, which seems far-fetched.

Putin: I built some new tanks. What do you think?

THIS GUY: You're a crazy stupid ass.

Putin: LOL, you're right. (to guards) Kill him.

Also, I'm thinking maybe, with everything going on these days, I shouldn't have posted this particular spam email on the blog? I hope everyone understands that I'm just the messenger.

2) Neither USA nor NATO gave nothing to ukrainian army because US president has no balls.

Well then. Whoever said change comes with gentle, open-minded discourse should grow a nutsack.

Republicans say that Ukraine must wait two years. But in 2 years Ukraine will be destroyed completely.

Short recap:

Putin: Crazy stupid ass maniac killer bastard

Obama: Bereft of testicles

Republicans: Tout Ukraine policy in two-year intervals

3) Did you read Mexico news?

Pfft, who hasn't? (grabs newspaper, points emphatically to headline that reads, "Mexico Falls Off Earth" subhead: "Russia Now 23 Percent of Planet")

Terrible, isn't it?

I guess?

Several years ago mexico people told me

#mexicopeople How did this op-ed not get published?

that all killed people were with drugs.

This sounds like every person who has ever been killed in Mexico's history was pregnant with drugs or holding hands with drugs at the time.

Now situation changed and drug kings kill everyone...

Are there any facts to back up these cl-

Why Mexico president is silent? Is he a drug king as well? Why police serves the drug lords openly?

(shrugs shoulders) Dunno. (takes bite of hot pocket)

Then such president should be fired to street.

I don't know what fired to street means, although it sounds tough but fair. Just to be clear, because we've covered A LOT of stuff here today - South Korea is a peninsula?


troy said…
This post was like my New Year's present to myself, from you