Spam email of the week



That's me.

SZFC International Co. is a factory and trader of color changing mugs located in China.

SZFC International Co. needs no introduction. But thank you.

What are color changing mugs?

Mugs that change color? I'm sorry, that was stupid of me. I hate myself. I don't know.

● To pour in HOT water, the mug changes colors magically ;

● To pour in COLD drink, the mug changes colors magically too.

This sounds very complicated. Do you have pictures of this mug magic?

What kind of sorcery is happening here? I cannot condone this type of black magic. J/k I would like 10 NesQuik bunny cups to impress my friends. I have to ask though, because according to the documentary Food Inc., the magic contained in color changing mugs is often toxic cow semen: Are these mugs FDA-approved?

With SGS approval, pass FDA.

Is that an answer?

We are audited by Disney, AVON CPA and Sedex are available.

Oh good. The last thing I wanted while drinking from my magic mug was to be complicit in some type of copyright infringement. Cool to know that Disney, a branch of the US government?, is getting paid.

We own a design team and they can make proof for the customers to illustrate how the mug change colors upon requested.


I think I just got served. These magic color changing mug warehouse pictures are undeniable proof that these magic mugs are not magic, but the result of hard work from blue-collar Chinese men and women and their giant machines. But they are also magic.

We're the first one manufacturer of color changing mugs in China.

Cool sentence. Is this a competitive market?

Over 25 years manufacturing experience , we supply over 50 countries hot and cold color changing mugs from ceramic mugs originally to plastic mugs, stainless steel thermo mugs, glasses and aluminumbottles.

I think I've learned everything I need to know about color changing mugs. Say no more. No longer will I be caught drinking from a mug that does not change color based on the temperature of the liquid inside. It's 2014, and ain't nobody got time for that. I look forward to supporting the Chinese warehouse/production industry, specifically the men who strap on their flip-flops every morning, climb atop the decal machine, and figure out what the hell got stuck inside.



troy said…
Whoa whoa whoa whoa WHOA. Slow yo' roll, son. Maybe you were able to make the quick transition from the magic behind the hot water pouring to the magic behind the cold water pouring, but I am still, well, I guess you could say poring over it. If you wanted to.
mkenny59 said…
*slow clap*