Book announcement

I wrote another book that I am kindly demanding you purchase multiple copies of right this second. Or, ya' know, whenever. Please?

The book is titled The Man in the Garlic Tuxedo, and it is about my father-in-law. It is essentially his life story—his memoir—written from my point of view. Which is to say, it’s supposed to be funny. But also informative and touching in its exploration of one man’s path to America and family life in general.

Readers of So, Do You Like … Stuff? became familiar with my father-in-law through several stories contained in that book, and the feedback on those stories became the inspiration for this project. Speaking of the first book, I also want to mention—The Man in the Garlic Tuxedo is a very different beast.

For starters, while Stuff contained many stories readers of this blog were already familiar with, Garlic Tuxedo is all new. Minus a few anecdotes, this is brand new material, gathered through extensive interviews and recollections of personal experiences that have never been published. This is three years in the making, and I’ve only showered six times during that span and sacrificed many relationships in the process, all worth it. Furthermore, while my typical (predictable? stale?) style of essay-ish, short, easy-to-read stories remains in tact, this is a comprehensive work. A book-book. Beginning, middle, end, themes and everything. I know, I am as surprised as you.

To boot, The Man in the Garlic Tuxedo is a work of indie publishing, which is the term I prefer because it is cooler and a more apt descriptor than "self-publishing." Cynics may argue the differences between the two are minimal or even non-existent, but rather than get immersed in that discussion, I’ll just let the finished product speak for itself.

As such, The Man in the Garlic Tuxedo is not exactly cheap. Well, the Kindle version (coming soon!) will be, of course. The hardcover version—the book’s only available format at this time (my plan is to release it in paperback before the holidays, as Jesus would want)—retails for $28.99, but is available on Amazon for a few bucks less. I know, it’s a tough sell—an unknown, modest columnist/blogger whose book costs more than say, Tina Fey’s. All I can say is that I worked diligently to earn every penny of your hard-earned money (almost all of which goes solely toward production, fwiw), and I firmly believe this book will justify what you spend on it and then some. (I cannot more highly recommend the hardcover option, especially for those, like me, who prefer a book in-hand.)

I sincerely hope you buy this book because I believe you will love it, not because I wrote it but because the character it explores is irresistibly lovable. If you do love it, please pass the word along (not the book itself or I will CUT you, j/k) because that is the only way the book will take off. I need your help. (puppy dog eyes)

I want to end by saying that it still amazes me—truly, it is confounding—that people, you all specifically, read the stuff I write. I mean, that you take time out of your busy day to read it for free is enough of a mind-boggler, but that you have and hopefully will again actually buy it adds a whole ‘nother level of disbelief for which I am undyingly grateful. Thank you! So much, all of you.

UPDATE: Kindle version and Nook version now available!


mkenny59 said…
Oh man, TJJ, that is just the best - thank you! I'm sure you found you're way here thanks to silly baseball card writeups, so the fact you just purchased a book about my father-in-law means a LOT to me. Thanks again :)
Anonymous said…
I loved your first book, love your blog, so I have high expectations of this book. I know you will deliver, so I just ordered my very own copy!
mkenny59 said…
Oh my goodness, THANK YOU! Just made my day :)