Spam email of the week

Subject: We market for you, We close your sales ! ! !

Willie, is that you?

Hello this is Willie,

Hi, Willie!

My business partner has generated over 32k in just the last 6 weeks and you will see proof and you an do the same if you follow our simple instructions.

Willie, hold on. Back it up, okay? Beep-beep-beep.

First of all, I am good. Thanks for asking (rolls eyes). Classic Willie, getting right down to business.

Second of all, what the crap are you even talking about, Willie? Who is your business partner? Is it Mark Cuban? If it’s Mark Cuban, I am in. If it’s not Mark Cuban, I am also in because this sounds amazing.

I want to see proof. Also, I want to follow your simple instructions. You’ve always kept it simple, Willie. Hit me off with the simple instructions.

We market for you.

(writes on notepad “let Willie and Mark Cuban do all the marketing stuff”)

We  create your website and auto responder

What is my website and what is auto responder?

(pop-up box emerges on computer screen)

Hello Michael. This is auto responder. Your website is www.bizmarkets4u.blerg. Willie says hi. Auto responder, out.


We  close your sales YOU keep 80% of the money and I keep 20%

So let me get this straight, Willie. You do a bunch of stuff that makes no sense as I stand idly by, and then I get 80 percent of the profits of whatever the heck it is you are even selling? Why don’t we eliminate the middleman—me—and then you can buy a helicopter?

This is a match made in Heaven!

You’re right, Willie, it is! (looks up to Heaven, God says, “Listen to Willie, for he is wise.”)

The first step is to is to visit my website to get all the exciting information!

==>Click Here For The Details <><==

(looks back up to Heaven) God, “global cash dot net?" Really? (God says, “Oh yeah, totes legit.”) (hears rustling in bushes, megaphone drops on sidewalk) Willie! Get out of the bushes, brah!