Spam email of the week

Subject: ????? ?? ???? [???? ???? ??]

Translation: "WHAAAAAAAA? [By the way, WHAAAAAAAA?]" I'm sure this will make more sense when I open it.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
الأخ / Buddy حفظه الله
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

نود أخبارك بأن صديقك:

It's like someone is speaking to me in dots and Arabic, but stops in the middle to call me buddy. I like this email. It is my favorite email.

Exact blueprints and videos in making the Hendershot Generator are provided so you can follow and make your own Hendershot Generator more convenient

Oh cool thanks, this website will make it a lot more convenient for me to build my Hendershot Generator. To this point the only thing stopping me from building a Hendershot Generator from scratch was lack of convenience. One time I built a generator from LEGOs, and by generator I mean house, and by LEGOs I mean crayons. And by built I mean drew.

Click Here The first FREE ENERGY GENERATOR that violates all laws of Physics and humiliates top scientists even after 84 years making them scream ITS FROM GOD

Hendershot Generator activated, produces paper printouts of cures for all diseases, then does 720-degree dunk on a 20-foot hoop, and then spits out beautiful woman wearing a bikini

Woman: Hey fellas. Can your "science" do this? (sticks out tongue and twerks)

Scientists: We are humiliated! We have been trying to do this for 84 years! (one of the scientists dies from failure)

Hendershot Generator: (in robot voice) CHECK THIS OUT CHUMPS ... (makes lots of noise) (poops out 24 karat bar of gold)

Scientists: IT'S FROM GOD

Click Here A fuelless generator in which a demonstration was even conducted before the US press in which the device passed all assessment tests Click Here

Frank Hendershot: 'Sup U.S. press. Go ahead and give this bad boy all the assessment tests - it don't care.

U.S. press: Uh, we're just the press - we don't administer the tests, we just report the findings.

Frank Hendershot: That's what I THOUGHT, idiots.

U.S. press: It says here this thing's fuel-less. Is that true?

Frank Hendershot: You tell me ... (activates Hendershot Generator)

Hendershot Generator: AIN'T NOBODY GOT FUEL FOR THIS (makes lots of noise) DJ SCRIBBLE, WHAT'S POPPIN'?

DJ Scribble: (plays "Everybody Dance Now")

Hendershot Generator: (starts showing footage of monster truck rally)

U.S. press: What the ... I'm not sure you have a good grasp on what a generator is supposed to do.