Classic card of the week

Tim Wallach, 1991 Score, "The Franchise"

Guys, here are some words pulled out of a hat at random. Tell me what you think.



goes about his job

rock of stability


grinds it out

doesn't mind getting dirty

I have a confession to make -- I put those words into the hat, and they were the only words in the hat. Also, there was no hat. Those words come from a baseball card, and describe a popular African American baseball player named Showtime "2 Legit" Johnson, who does a backflip every time he makes an unspectacular play. J/k they describe Tim Wallach.

Solid and unspectacular,

SOLD. Tell me more RIGHT NOW.

Tim simply goes about his job for the Expos day in and day out.

Wow, amazing stuff. Tim Wallach does his job the exact opposite way most people do. For example, I did not go to work today because I feared I would do something spectacular there. (I didn't go yesterday either because I forgot.)

He provides a rock of stability for a team in transition, a team leaning toward outstanding young rookies.

"He is there as the team tries to get better by playing guys better than himself."

He has exceptional instincts and reflexes around the bag, and possesses a strong, accurate arm.

"He knows where third base is and can throw the ball to the other bases."

"He's a blue-collar worker who grinds it out every day," said Expos manager Buck Rodgers.

"He's white," said comically-named Expos manager Buck Rodgers.

"He doesn't mind getting dirty.

"One time he got his uniform dirty while playing a game -- a literal game -- that exists on dirt and for which he earns millions of dollars, and he managed to not freak the heck out as if he were Lea Michelle and just spilled beet juice on an all-white dress before a live, televised performance."

Note: If you were playing the "One Degrees of Separation" game and were given the names of Tim Wallach and Lea Michelle, you're welcome. Glad I could help.


tourist504 said…
Watch what you say before "he beats you with his bat."
tourist504 said…
Also, I'll just leave this right here.....
mkenny59 said…
You rock.
mkenny59 said…
Wowzers. That Tim Wallach blogger? Just shows up for work everyday and does his job, grinding it out, card after card. Kudos to him for the widget, "By viewing this page you agree TW should be in Hall of Fame." Makes my youthful Mattingly card fetish seem tame. Also, he can pry THIS Wallach card from my COLD, DE -- actually, he can have it.