Classic card of the week

Willie Randolph, 1980 Topps

Willie Randolph never got enough credit. I mean, from me he did. But not from you guys. You guys are jerks.

It wasn’t Willie’s fault he had to share the limelight with the Greatest Baseball Player in the History of the Universe, or Mr. May, or Rickey being Rickey (man, how did those teams suck so bad? Oh yeah, pitching). All Willie did was go out there everyday and play second base and … boy, how awesome was Donnie, amiright? I miss him so much.

Even when he was managing he didn’t get enough respect. When the stupid Mets collapsed in 2007, everyone was like, “Blame Willie! What’s up with Willie? He’s just sitting there! Willie should do something! Willie!” and I was like, “Hold up, morons! The Mets are stupid! It’s not Willie’s fault the Mets are stupid!” This is a sentiment that was later proven correct, thus redeeming Willie, even though he had already been fired a long time ago. Now Willie is the third base coach for the freakin’ Orioles, and it’s like, LOOK WHAT YOU’VE DONE TO WILLIE! I don’t think anyone on the Orioles has even reached third base in six years.

For instance, in 1980 Willie Randolph posted a .427 OBP, (not coincidentally) led the league in walks with 119, stole 30, and had a 133 OPS+. That’s a sabermetric dream right there for a second baseman, but nobody really cared because by ’84 Donnie was like, “Screw this, I’m gonna post three consecutive seasons of 156 OPS+ or greater.” And there was Willie, getting on base. I mean, how do you think Mattingly drove in 145 in ’85? It wasn’t because Willie wasn’t getting on base, ya’ know. Geez, Donnie was the best.

But, if other people proved unwilling to give Willie Randolph the recognition and respect he deserved, at least he could take pride in his heritage.

Yeah, so apparently, Willie Randolph scored a lot of runs and also is white. We’ve covered this before, but I think I will mention it again and again until everyone who was misrepresented receives reparations from Topps.

1974, postgame ceremony on field, Thetford Mines

Emcee: And finally, after such a great season, I’d be remiss if I didn’t recognize our fantastic second baseman, Willie Randolph, a white person, who set an Eastern League record with a 103 runs scored! Willie, come up here and get your home plate!

Willie Randolph
: Dude, I am black. And what the hell am I supposed to do with this plate? It’s looks like someone just wrote “103” on it with magic marker like five seconds ago. Can I get a plaque or something?

Emcee: Ha, ha, good stuff. Another round of applause, everyone, for Randy Willdolph, the pride of Quebec!

Did you know?

The Mets are stupid.


Cory said…
I guess I have to be that guy. 1980 Topps.
Man, my parents told me growing up, 'don't be that guy".

I have become what I never wanted to become.
mkenny59 said…
You are very correct, Cory. Thank you! Will update. Don't ever worry about being that guy around here. That guys make things accurate. In my defense, and like I always say, "I'd rather get the year wrong than the race wrong."