Wolf and I

On the scale of great days in the history of my lifetime, today ranks somewhere in between the Yankees winning it all in '96, and my wedding day.

For today I met an American Gladiator. Not just an American Gladiator...THE American Gladiator:


Yes, Wolf (real name Don Yates) came into our office for an interview. Turns out, he's from Peoria -- I live in Peoria! We're practically the same person! -- and my coworker Chelsea is currently grilling him in the conference room, which is a good thing, because if I were conducting the interview, it would sound like this: It says here you howl because you're a Wolf...Is that accurate? He was actually supposed to come in last week, at which point I immediately called my wife (she loves Wolf so much that I should actually be a little concerned), and she told me to make sure I told him that she thinks he is "the most bad-ass of all the Gladiators." She also told me to try and have Wolf call my brother-in-law, sign a few autographs, etc., etc. It was to be a regular Wolf field day, but alas, he had to cancel because he was taping an episode of "Deal or no Deal," obviously.

But today he came in. And I met him. I shook his hand, he got up to pose for a picture with me, and this ensued:

Me: Wow, man...it's great to meet you! We were just watching you on TV last night...

Wolf: (Smiling) Alright, alright, cool. (Poses for picture with me)

Me: My wife wanted me to tell you that she thinks you're the most bad-ass of all the Gladiators.

(Pause for pictures...click!)

Wolf: She's a smart woman.

(Awkward pause...)

Me: That's why I married her.

Shake his hand again..

Me: Thanks so much! Is was so great meeting you!

(End scene.)

Not surprisingly, I didn't have the courage -- or gall -- to ask Wolf to start making calls to various people on my cell phone. I was too nervous. I can't imagine how I would act if I ever met one of the Beatles. The verdict from Chelsea, and from my own experience, is that Wolf is a nice guy, who is polite, but gets to the point. But what more could you expect...

He's freakin' Wolf!

Ed. Note: We differed on hand gestures. His was better.


41 Noodles (mn) said…
the look on your face is awesome. "This is so cool I just pooped my pants! I hope he doesn't smell it"
Chelsea said…
Just for the record, he is a nice guy and just as bad-ass as he seems on TV.
CMB said…
OMG! Your Godson is going to be so excited. He LOVES American Gladiators. I can not wait to show him your picture.
I have to agree with 41 noodles, you do look like you pooped!
Anonymous said…
Hi Mike
I guess wolf will be more fomous now
great picture of YOU
Anonymous said…
WOLF is so Bad-Ass...thank you for passing my message along to him. I am so glad you got to meet him!!
Don said…
If only we could arrange a showdown between Chuck Norris and Wolf - to see just how bad-ass Wolf really is.
Heff said…
"We differed on hand gestures. His was better..."

That is the single greatest line you have ever written.
Bart said…
This, in my opinion, is up there with you still spinning at the block party with a pin in your finger.

CMB said…
I finally got to show David this picture. He was in awe. He made me scroll up and down to look at both photos a few times. He really loved it and misses you.