Feedback Friday!

Because I now reside in another state, far, far, away, people from back home often ask me how I'm doing with the writing. "What's it like writing for a weekly in Arizona?" and "Have you gotten any feedback yet?" Well, luckily, yes -- I AM getting some feedback! In fact, just today I received this little nugget of goodness in my inbox:

Sent: Thursday, January 17, 2008 11:45 AM
To: Mike Kenny
Subject: Hey Mike Kenny

Just read your vomit about New England sports fans and I had to take a moment to tell you what an outstanding job you've done of showing your ignorance. But then, what more could anyone expect from a piece of New York shit like you?

With utmost sincerity,
Dave Pete

So there you have it! Amazingly, making fun of New England sports fans from Arizona isn't much different than making fun of New England sports fans from New Jersey, in that no matter where you make fun of them from, they just...don't...get it. And on that note, this piece of New York shit (from New Jersey) wishes you all a great weekend...

Go Giants!

And, obviously, Chargers.


Jason said…
And anotta ting:
Go Sauwks!
Bill said…
I like the classification of this posting, "Boston fans are witty." I clicked on it hoping to actually see more examples of Boston fans. If we wait long enough, I'm sure there will be more!
Anonymous said…

Boston fans DO suck!


Lisa R!
CMB said…
That is great. Dave Pete showing more of why NE fans suck (sorry Mark).
Thanks for keeping up far far away peeps in the loop!