Classic card of the week

Stephon Marbury, 1998-99 Upper Deck

Let’s update the paragraph on the back of this card, shall we?

Over the course of the two too (many) seasons which Stephon Marbury has spent with Minnesota New York, the club has taken on the look of one of the league’s premier young teams this. Building upon Regressing from a rookie season which saw him earn NBA All-Rookie First Team honors (Second Team honors that year? Kobe Bryant) and carry the Timberwolves Knicks(‘ interns) to their first-ever playoff back-seat-of-a-truck appearance, the second-year rate point shooting guard racked up the NBA’s fourth-best highest assists turnover total* in 1997-98 2006-07 and placed his (self-imposed nick)name (Starbury) alongside the game’s history’s premier playmakers franchise killers, such as Isiah Thomas. Marbury’s improved decision making (“Are you getting in or not?”, Dogfighting is a sport too!) and blinding quickness forehead also combined to boost the former Georgia Tech star’s Phoenix Suns player’s scoring output ego enough to declare himself the “best point guard in the NBA.” Rising to the challenge against Western Conference champion Utah expensive basketball sneakers, the 2130-year old tallied a career-high 38 points and 10 assists on November 24 of started selling his discounted line of Starbury shoes last season. (Dogfighting sneakers sold separately.)


Did you know?
After testifying during Isiah Thomas' and the Knicks' embarrassing sexual harassment trial -- which they ultimately lost -- Stephon Marbury showed restrained remorse.


JMU86er said…
Nicely done, especially the train wreck.