Spam email of the week

Subject: Good new: Re: Here comes

Here comes WHAT? What is the good new?

Hey friend,

Hey Internet robot!

I find a website the stuffs are fairly good and lead a a prevailing
market price.

This sounds amazing, yes, but also familiar …

(turns on TV, accesses DVR, scrolls down to recent Charlie Rose episode, hits play)

Charlie Rose: We’re here today with professional businessperson and Internet stalwart, Robbie Finderson. Robbie, thanks for dropping by today.

Robbie Finderson: Thanks for having me, Charlie.

Rose: Robbie, you’re on the Internet all the time. Tell us – what did you find?

Finderson: I find a website

Rose: And what was on the website? Was it good?

Finderson: the stuffs are fairly good

Rose: Outstanding. Talk about market price.

Finderson: and lead a a (takes drink of water) prevailing market price

Rose: (falls off chair, dies)

I’M ON TO YOU, ROBBIE! Nevertheless, go on.

With best service and in time delivery.

Where can I find whatever the eff you are selling?

You can buy the
brand new and muti-function digital products on

(logs on to to order “muti-function digital product,” computer explodes)

order online and they can deliver to your house.

Wait. Hold up. Stop. Are you telling me I can order something on the Internet and it will be delivered to my house? Do other people know about this? I feel like I may have stumbled upon some good stuffs here.

Hope this maybe helpful to you.

AND HOW! (said while dressed like 1920s paperboy) (aims recently ordered muti-function device at moon, initiates apocalypse)