Spam email of the week

Subject: get high quality cheap price brand t-shirt shoes from here

What are t-shirt shoes? I want t-shirt shoes.

Dear sir,

Have a good day there.

Thanks, chief. Go ahead and have a good there yourself, okay champ? Keep on truckin'. And hey, big guy over there - have yourself a good day too, why doncha. I'm handin' out good day wishes like lollipops over here ... feeling good about things. Where were we? Are we done? Is that the end of the email? I never found out about the t-shirt shoes.

Our company sell high quality cheap price brand items.

Might wanna go ahead and proofread your work there, big fella. No biggie for me though, I'm just a regular Joe like you, and I like the cut of your jib. I'm buying what you're selling. What are you selling?

Such as A&F Polo Armani Burberry Coogi Lacoste Ed Hardy Gucci Louis Vuitton Style Guess Versace Tommy Prada clothing

They got these things called "commas" now, you should check 'em out when you get a hot minute. They're real good at separating objects and thoughts and stuff. Again, no problem for me, a lunchpail, hardhat type of fella. Anyway, this all sounds reeeaaaaaal nice. Been trying to get a Coogi cardigan on the cheap for some time now, plus I'd love to get the ol' ball and chain a nice Hardy Gucci dress. I watch Project Runway.

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Take a breath, big fella. Deeeeep breath. You good? Good. Me too. Listen - I was as skeptical as anyone when Michael Jordan teamed up with Jordin Sparks and then they both teamed up with Burberry to create a line of women's faux fur hats. But I've seen the results, and the results are fantastic. Put me down for three of those. And throw some Puma Prada Kids on there, too. YOLO.

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Me: Yes, hi, I'd like to pay for these Nike Free Nike Women Sneakers Nike with my AAA card.

Cashier: Ooooh, I'm so sorry, sir, but that's not a thing.

Me: Oh. (puts card back in wallet) Do you accept money gram?

Cashier: Of course! And how would you like these shipped? May I recommend TNT?

Me: Wait - does that mean Rizzoli & Isles will personally deliver these?

Cashier: Yes, sir. Yes it does.

Me: Oh word is bond.


Anonymous said…
I am want Jordan Woman Jordan Burberry t-shirt shoes. Where have?!