Spam email of the week

Subject: hi

Oh, hi ... "keketa dakowa."

Hello dear, Nice to meet you ,how are you doing today in your

Is this what you consider "meeting" someone? ME TOO. I am doing great today here in America, thanks for asking. What's popping with you in your stupid country?

My name is keketa wish to have you as my friend,honest to
share a true relationship with you,

Oh, snap, this is cool and normal. I think the first step to building a true relationship with a complete stranger is to send that person an email and be all like, "let's have a true relationship my name is Keketa." Let us skip all of the mutual experiences and bonds of trust and get on with the relationship because honestly, who has the time? Quick question though: how do you define friendship?

for friend is all about Respect,
Admiration and love passion,and sharing of ideas,

Poetry. Did you pull this from the Psalms? Prolly. So dang true, though. Mad respect. A friend to me is all about clicking "accept friend request." Yo, Keketa, check this out, made it just for you:

Fun to be around
I ain't never had a better one
Everyone is mad jeals of my true relationship with you
Need I say more? One more thing:
Doing great in America, sharing ideas

am free and open
minded ,easy going and a great sense of humor.

Ha, ha! I can already tell you have a great sense of humor, Keketa, like the time you sent me that bonkers-ass email about true relationships. I am close-minded and live in a cage and laughing makes me involuntarily defecate, but you know what they say - opposites attract! (Paula Adbul)

hoping to hear from you
so that i can be able to tell you more of my self,


have a nice day
from love keketa,, my id email,,

From love you, too, Keketa! Bout to send you this dope meme about friendship that has a German Shepherd hugging a rabbit, gonna take our relationship to the next level. #bff