Spam email of the week

Subject: Wall clock Supply????????

Hmmm, excellent question. How IS my wall clock supply? Looks around. I have no wall clocks.

Dear Sir or Madam,

May I distinguish myself as the former. Honestly, it's my fault that my email address isn't more gender specific. To recap, I am MAN who is VERY interested in wall clocks.

We are factory specializing in the manufacture and export of wall clock.

That must be a pretty awesome wall clock if it takes an entire factory to produce. I am not sure if I have a wall to accommodate such a behemoth of a wall clock. Nevermind, I will make room. Also, I bet your favorite song is Sister Sledge's "We Are Factory."

We are factory
We have wall clock to export
We are factory
Get up sir or madam, purchase

We have profuse designs with series quality grade.

I expect nothing less in a line of wall clocks. Nevertheless, good to know. Nobody wants to look at a wall clock and not be lured in by its exuberantly plentiful design. (I Googled "profuse.")

we develop new designs nearly( pls check attach picture big new wall clock)

Sometimes, in AMERICA, sentences begin with a capital letter. Other than that, this sentence is perfect. Hold on while I check the attached picture of big new wall clock ...

Yo dude what time is it?

Oh it's ... Mona Lisa o'clock.


I can't see the second hand or hour hand.

You're an idiot. Let me check ... this is a mirror.

If you have interest in it, it`s my pleasure to offer news to you regular.

No, no, it's "news ON the regular," if this were 1998 and you were recording a hip-hop song about wall clocks.

Anyway, I think we can all agree that wall clocks are extremely essential during this time in history when it's near impossible to discover what time it is at any given point of the day. I would like to order your best wall clock, please! Charge it to the game. (I'm still pretending it's 1998. This is fun!)