Classic card of the week

Domingo Ramos, 1985 Topps

Domingo Ramos choked up sooooo much –- crowd: How much did he choke up??!! -- that the bat needed the Heimlich maneuver. Uncontrollable laughter, wild applause, standing ovation. Thank you, thank you very much!

I hope you enjoyed the Domingo Ramos comedy minute. But like, for serious Domingo -– what the heck are you hoping to accomplish here with this batting stance? Even if you were able to line up a 90-mph fastball right down broadway, there is 0% chance that ball will leave the yard, and a 3.7% chance that ball will leave the infield. Your only hope of actually reaching base safely is a swinging bunt and/or a throwing error. But if you do swing, that bat handle is going to hit you in the chest. Why don’t you just use a smaller bat, Domingo? Why are you so stubborn?

In 1996, Domingo Ramos was inducted into the 1980’s Light-Hitting Middle Infielders Who Are Known Only For Their Defense And Who, If Baseball Used Lineups of 32 Players Instead of Nine, Would Bat 32nd Hall of Fame. During his speech, Domingo reminisced about his time playing defense in the Yankees’ minor league system:

Domingo & his close friend, Jays’ Damaso Garcia formed DP combination in Yankee chain, 1975-78.

Ramos & Garcia were one of the deadliest -– yet friendliest -– double-play combinations in Yankees’ minor league history. A short-lived sitcom was made based loosely on their efforts and relationship, and it was called Double Trouble. It starred Corey Hamos and Corey Feldos.

Anyway, let’s get to the “baseball trivia quiz” on this Domingo Ramos card that has nothing to do with Domingo Ramos:

Who had 2 singles & 2 triples in his first game in the majors, to tie the major league record for 9 inning game?

The answer, obviously, is Willie McCovey, who is most famous for tying the record of being the person who had 2 singles and 2 triples in their major league debut during a 9-inning game. Though this is one of baseball’s most coveted records, many people mistakenly believe that Jay Buhner tied the record as well, though his debut occurred during a rain-shorted 7-inning game, rendering his achievement worthless.

Did you know?
In 1984, Dale Murphy set the major league record for having the most RBI on a Tuesday for the Atlanta Braves during a road game in 1984.