Reader feedback Friday!

Received this note while I was going through renewals and what not this afternoon at work. The first part is praise for some of my coworkers, which you can read on their blogs, if such a thing exists. The final paragraph pertains to my columns for the paper:

Also, I enjoy the prose and puns in Mike Kinney's [sic] commentary. His perspective as a newcomer to the neighborhood is very amusing. LOL! That said -- I wish he wouldn't go for a laugh by alluding to violent actions. The path to a better world is by thinking, talking, teaching and making peace...always.

And there you go. I'm not sure if I should be happy, or confused, or so angry that I could rip someone's testicles off with a meat hook. I honestly don't know of a time when I alluded to violent actions for a laugh, with the possible exception of that previous sentence. Nevertheless, I have never seem an LOL! IN CAPS immediately followed by criticism of how that LOL! was attained; a criticism that seems, at least to me, largely unwarranted. But hey, it looks like somebody might like me! Kind of.

Anyhoo, have a great weekend everyone! Don't forget to punch a random stranger.


Jason said…
East Coast humor = violent
West Coast humor = less funny

I get it all the time here in SF, believe me. You know how hard it is to refrain from saying "dude, thats so gay?" Really hard.