Classic card of the week

Chris Kaman, 2005 Bazooka Joe

I have a new favorite basketball player, and his name is Chris Kaman.

As many of you know, the “classic card” segment is normally reserved as an opportunity for me to have a little fun with ridiculous sports cards, and the players featured on them. Now that Chris Kaman has gone out his way to sign a card for me, I have absolutely nothing to provide except praise. (By the way, this is yet another example of why I could never be a legitimate, professional journalist. I do these classic cards from the comfort of my own quarters, so I can’t imagine how I would handle the real world. I could just see myself entering into an interview with a professional athlete, prepared to ask all the hard-hitting questions, only to melt like a Quizno’s sandwich the second said athlete smiles and shakes my hand. So, ummm, it says here your favorite color is red. Me too!*)

Anyhoo, for those who are unaware, Chris Kaman plays for the Los Angeles Clippers, and he’s widely considered one of the best centers in the NBA. His name consistently surfaces in the discussion of the best white players in the league, which is appropriate, because, while it may be difficult to tell, Kaman is white. When Reggie Evans is not hanging from his testicles, Chris Kaman can be found averaging 16.4 points per game for the Clips, and enjoying his breakout season.

This autograph came about because I happen to live next door to a close relative of Kaman, who had this card signed for me during a recent visit with him in L.A. I realize that the signature is somewhat unintelligible, but here is what it reads:

Dear Mike,
Thanks for teaching me the robot. I love your blog thingie. My number is 35.
Best wishes always,
Chris Kaman
P.S. Please don’t post this

*It's blue