Classic card of the week

Mark the Beer Guy, 2008

Okay, so here's the story: I'm at a celebrity baseball game yesterday in Scottsdale, and I go to get a beer. (Weird, I know, but stay with me here.) The line was too long to wait at the concession stand, so I left, but on my way back to my seat I run into Mark the Beer Guy, who I didn't know at the time was running for beer-related office. After pouring me an ice cold brewskie, he says, "And here, take my card." I'm thinking to myself, "Geez, beer guys have business cards? Freakin' Scottsdale," until I actually looked at the card, and saw this.

Now, I don't know what the chances are that a random guy who blogs about silly sports cards would run into a beer guy who hands out a silly sports card of himself, but there must have been some divine intervention going on here. You should also know that the card was in the plastic protective sleeve inside the hard plastic cover, as if he were handing Mickey Mantle rookie cards. Just amazing.

Intrigued by the electoral theme, I had a hunch this wasn't the first Mark the Beer Guy sports card. So I went over to his website and discovered that, yep -- Mark the Beer Guy has cards of himself related to various point of the calendar year, most notably St. Patrick's Day. I can say without hyperbole that running into Mark the Beer Guy is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me.

As for this particular card, it's hard to pick out my favorite aspect of it, but this certainly doesn't hurt:

And remember when Mark is near to make a toast and cheer; because he'll never give you a bum steer.

You just can't find poetry like that these days. And in case you are wondering, yes, I am obviously voting for Mark the Beer Guy in 2008. Anyone whose platform includes a foreign affairs policy of "Drink imported beer" will always have my vote. That should go without saying.


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