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*Special Friday edition
Mike Michel, 1979 Topps

Mike Michel was a punter back when punters were men. Mike Michel was a punter back when punters wore jerseys that exposed everything underneath, as if to say, “Here – look into my heart. It’s pure ice.” Mike Michel was a punter back when punters didn’t shave until they landed 16 consecutive punts inside the opponent’s 5-yard line. And guess what? Mike Michel shaved three hours after this photo was taken. With a butter knife and some salt water. Mike Michel was a punter back when punters would stick their hands down their pants just to see what was going on down there, and then be like, “Yeah…still got it.” Once in 1978, the Eagles endured a fourth consecutive three-and-out during a home game against the rival Cowboys, and the notoriously pessimistic Eagles’ fans showered boos down onto the field. Taking this as a personal slight because he was jogging onto the field to punt, Mike Michel took the snap, and punted the ball right out of Veteran’s Stadium. The stunned crowd stood in silence as Michel raised his arms in the air and screamed, “Are you not entertained?!” Mike Michel was, simply put, the shizznitz. Check the back of this card for proof: Nine of his 35 punts in 1977 terminated inside the 20-yard line, none rolling into the end zone. And I know what you’re asking yourself: “So…is that good? Is that a good ratio?” Well, I don’t freakin’ know. But I’ll tell you one thing – Mike Michel knew how to terminate a punt. The reason his punts didn’t roll into the end zone was because they didn’t roll at all – they often fell 25 feet below the earth’s surface, which was even more amazing considering the Eagles played on Astroturf. A rookie cornerback for the Rams once tried to fair catch a Mike Michel punt. He caught it all right, but it took 32 minutes, six construction workers and a fully operational crane to pull him out of the ground. By his helmet. During the extended delay, Mike Michel stood on the sidelines with his hands down his pants. He knew he still had it. Also, Mike plays the guitar.

Did you know?
If you Google Mike Michel, Google has no idea what you’re talking about.