Classic card of the week

* Special Friday edition!
Jerrott Willard, 1995 Superior Pix

Hey, Jerrott Willard…seriously, put some clothes on. And is that a regulation football you’re playing with, or are you just happy to see me? Ha, ha! I kid with Jerrott Willard, of course, but this story has serious roots. Back in 1995, the Cal football program was going through some tough times, mainly due to an NCAA violation involving a potential recruit, a goat, three pints of Johnnie Walker, and a transvestite. Long story. Anyhoo, the program lost some scholarships, and also some other privileges, like full-length uniforms. (You cannot tell from this card, but theses guys are barefoot as well.) Cal tried to compensate for this loss by hiring a pro-bono abdominal trainer for the 1995 season, because, as then head coach Tom Holmoe put it, “If we gotta play half-naked football, we’re gonna look good while doing it, gosh darn it!” This idea seemed to work out well for Jerrott Willard, who could often stuff a third-and-short just with his six-pack. No. 11 on the other hand? Not so much. Contrary to the brand of this card, “Superior Pix,” this is not a superior pic. It is actually a very disturbing and homoerotic pic that makes me not really want to play football anymore, lest I get tackled from behind by No. 11. Other than that though, I think it is nice.

Did you know?
The recruit? A very young Maurice Clarett.


Anonymous said…
Holy Mid-riff bonanza!! I think he is happy to see you!
CMB said…
Ok, the funniest thing about this card, is Steve has a picture just like this from his hay days at NBTHS. You have to see it to believe it.