Classic card of the week

Ryan Leaf, 1999 Donruss

Not to defend the career of Ryan Leaf here, but it’s probably pretty difficult to play football when one of the spikes from the Statue of Liberty’s head is shooting up your ass. I’m just saying. Let’s cut him a little slack. Anyway, I cannot recall how this particular play ended, but it was definitely either a) a sack, b) an interception, c) an interception returned for a touchdown, d) a fumble, e) a fumble returned for a touchdown, f) an injured scrotum, g) both a and d, h) both a and e, I) a, e, and f, j) someone in the Chargers’ front office getting immediately fired, k) c and j, l) an incomplete pass that landed 30 yards out-of-bounds, m) f and l, or n) an ill-advised pass that hit an offensive lineman in the back of the helmet, careened into the air, only to be caught by Leaf again, at which point he threw an interception and then injured his scrotum trying to tackle the opposing cornerback on his way to the endzone. Yeah, it was definitely one of those things. And the foreboding of Leaf’s NFL career is definitely evident in this very card. If you look past the random Statue of Liberty head and the dab-with-a-sponge background disaster, you will notice Ryan Leaf’s face. He is, no doubt, squeezing out a turd of incompetence. Then again, it could just be the huge spike up his ass.

Did you know?
The Chargers immediately regret that decision. Oh, and this.