Political correctness: a counterpoint

Well, here goes nothin'

Nailed it. I don't know. What I DO know is this does warrant a BREAKDOWN.

Everyohe wants to be politically correct,

When you’re attempting to make a profound or grandiose statement, it’s good practice to make sure you at least spell the first word correctly. An adequately-spelled first word can really draw the reader in and supply them the confidence that they’re in for a well-reasoned statement. If a big steaming pile of nonsense follows, at least a strongly-spelled first word buys you a little time. This … this does not do that.

Let’s also discuss something else. What people describe as “politically correct” is most often a compassionate attempt to not offend. Opposition to political correctness is usually due to people feeling deprived of their ability to issue racist, homophobic, misogynistic, and generally derogatory statements. In the case of the supposed “war on Christmas,” it’s an attempt to clearly claim the season as primarily if not solely Christian despite the fact that other religions celebrate holidays at this time of year. “Happy holidays” is an attempt to wish others well regardless of their religious beliefs, which is in itself a practice that could be accurately described as Christian. Political correctness, therefore, could alternately be known as common decency.

ANYWAY my point is—even if this phrase were spelled correctly, which it’s not—you just KNOW something good is about to happen if only because it’s essentially promising a counter-argument to basic decency.

but even Santa says “ Mary Christmas”.

And there it is. Better than anyone could have ever hoped. Several notes here:

-“*even* Santa” is like … very wrong. You’re using the most recognizable symbol of the holiday (other than Jesus) as validation for your argument, which makes no sense. Try these on:
  • Everyone wants to be politically correct, but even Rabbi Santa says, “Merry Christmas.”
  • Everyone wants to be politically correct, but even "Ru Paul’s Drag Race" contestants say, “Merry Christmas.”
  • Everybody thinks Suicide Squad was a bad movie, but even Margot Robbie from Suicide Squad says it is a good movie. (And “Merry Christmas.”)

-It’s "Merry Christmas." "Mary" is someone who plays a crucial role in the Christmas story and, although she would eventually help spur her Son's first miracle of changing water to wine, she never likewise convinced Him to change a proper noun to an adjective.

-It’s always risky to use a mythological figure to defend a real-life stance. “A lot of people think euthanasia is OK, but let us not forget what the huge dog from The Neverending Story says about the value of life.”

So if he can say it,

If you’re quoting Santa directly here by attributing to him "Mary Christmas," I would argue that he can’t say it. The qualifier is false, and I'm walking away.

OK fine I'm still here,

why can’t you?

You got me. Also, I fully acknowledge the likelihood that Darryl is trolling us all, which would render all of this useless and demand my respect. 


troy said…
More like 'Darryl McHELLyeah,' amir-- no. No, I am not right.

BTW I also don't honestly think there needs to be a comma after 'say' but am not making a big deal out of it given the severity of the other issues we gotta deal with here. Some other time, perhaps.

(Official song of this comment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_I4wtNPv5w)
mkenny59 said…
I am not even kidding - I became acutely aware of the comma after "say" for this post and how it offends you. I am in complete agreement but it's a) a force of habit and b) something I'd like to take a stand on but am worried people will think is an error. I am weak. Help.