Internet teaser link of the week

You know what they say— give a man a good chart and blow his mind for a day. Give a man 10 good charts and feed him for lifetime. Because one of those charts is bound to be about fishing. Anyway, that is the saying.

This teaser link is interesting in that it’s not overtly sexual; however, I should mention that I did not actually click on the link, so it very well might be—probably is, actually—10 sex charts. That will blow a lot of minds.

But even if this link isn’t about sex charts, good luck getting me NOT to click a teaser link about charts … despite the fact that I recently admitted to not clicking on this particular link. I was busy at the time and then I forgot. My point is that I love charts and enjoy having my mind blown by the intensity of various charts. Charts4dayyysszz is my motto and also my Instagram handle. Instagram is another good place to go for charts. If you follow me. Most people there post pictures, which is hella lame. #charts

The chart on this teaser link is titled “THE AMERICAN NATIONS TODAY,” and it’s pretty mind-blowing. Lot of colors going on there … also some spots. Not sure what’s going with the American nation I once knew as Mexico, but far be it from me to question neekly, the trusted source for charts.

In conclusion, charts.