Ode to memes

There is so, so much to love about terrible Internet memes. The faux inspiration, the passive aggressive insults targeted at no one in particular, the fishing lines of self-affirmation, the rally cry of pointing out super obvious things, and the inexplicable use of non-copyrighted cartoon characters as the mouthpiece by which to do so. Tweety Bird thinks you’re a crazy aunt but that’s OK? Sure, why not.

But my favorite aspect of terrible memes is the bafflingly consistent use of awful grammar. Like, a meme only has a handful of words, typically in a humongous font, yet there are always grammatical errors. I mean, no one can proofread these?



(I have blue eyes btw, if you've always been wondering why I'm so dang kind-hearted and always looking out for other.)

The punctuation, syntax, misuse of possessives, straight misspellings and—my favorite—utterly random capitalization, combined with the general pointlessness of the entire message, make for a thing of beauty and wonder. As does the fact that these memes are shared, liked and commented on—UNIRONICALLY— by literally tens of thousands of the strangest Facebook addicts with the oddest FB handles (Bobb & Martha justtryingtogetby w/LOVE jONES).

I’ve been posting these memes for a while now, and I’m never dissuaded by the fact that lots of people (relative to the amount of people who read this blog, so like four people?) don’t understand why. Sometimes when I share them to the book/blog’s FB page, and the meme itself shows up on the preview, an aunt or distant cousin or a friend of my parents will like it thinking I was sharing the meme. This gives me even more motivation. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

ANYWAY, I came across this one the other day and, quite frankly, I fell in love. It’s not by any stretch the greatest one I’ve ever seen (which remains this), but there’s something about it that makes it special. I’m going to leave it here so that you might bask in its goodness. I’d be remiss were I not to give a shout out to Dave (assuming) of Daveswordsofwisdom.com, without whom we’d never know things like “sons are nice” and it’s OK to love yourself just the way you are. And a big shout-out to Liza Adams and the seven-nation army that supports her counterpoint. All in all, this is a pinnacle of human discourse.


troy said…
Will there be a follow-up post about the whole "a lot of my friends won't post this" and "this guy is essentially dead after serving in the Civil War, can we get him 1,000 Likes?" thing(s), or is that outside the scope?

By the way, my mom once told me she loved me but didn't like me. Where my meme at?
mkenny59 said…
Anything is within the scope 'round here, my friend. I'll look into it.

I have a hard time believing that your mom doesn't like you. Does she know about your strong social media presence? Still though, I'll make a meme. It will read: "SHARE this if U Love you're Son BUTT dont like him that Much;" I just need a picture of you playing the guitar while also eating a slice of pizza and your mom is the background holding a laundry basket.