Stuff my parents said

My parents made their annual trek from New Jersey to visit us here in the Valley last week. It was a great time as always, and it was especially nice for me to have them there at the book signing, because not only were they a great help in putting the book together, their idiosyncrasies provided for much of its content.

Speaking of ... because I love them, here is a list of random phrases that were heard during their visit.

- “Where do you guys keep sandwich bags that I can fill with ice for my foot?”

- “I was thinking, the indigestion may be because I drank so much pool water.”

- “Do you like onions? The recipe calls for onions.”

- “What do you want me to do with this ice pack I used for my foot?”

- “I put your alarm code into my phone. Here, let me show you. It looks great.”

- “I think I accidentally cleared all of the downloads on your computer.”

- “Is the microwave on? I don’t hear anything.”

- “The vet called. Brittany is eating, thank God.”

- “If you stand barefoot on concrete for too long, the bone in your foot will disintegrate.”

- “Do you want the pita bread with the falafels?”

- “I’m allowed 10-to-15 minutes of sunshine a day, so this is fine.”

- “Didn’t you Google us a pitch-and-putt place last year? Do you remember the address?”

- “Can the dog have chicken?”

- “The seafood guy at Safeway said we should definitely eat the shrimp tonight instead of Thursday.”

- "I figure, we're all gonna die of something, anyway."

- "It's 2.4 miles from your front door to the pool and back. Daddy checked."


andrewnamy said…
hilarious. makes me want to start taking notes when patti & dave are here.
Anonymous said…
You gotta love mom and dad-they are hysterical! Watch out though...Ella may do the same thing and her notes could match up very closely to what you're writing now! hahah! I love it:)