Contrast, the website for the Arizona Republic and Channel 12 News, has a weird set-up in that, the main headline on the home page, and each individual city’s page, sits next to a picture that is for a different story. I don’t know why it’s set-up like this, but the contrast of headline and picture is a constant source of both confusion and inappropriate hilarity, for me.

Right now, at this very second, the headline on the homepage reads, “Arizona Supreme Court stops planned execution for inmate,” and immediately to the left of this headline is a picture of Hines Ward, in a track suit, and a woman wearing a … bikini (?), each holding up their disco ball trophies for winning “Dancing with the Stars.”

On Glendale’s homepage, the headline, “Glendale sex-abuse suspect arrested in Philipenes” sits next to a picture of a plate of sushi.

UPDATE: They changed the picture on the homepage. So just trust me that Hines Ward helped stopped a local execution by winning a dancing contest.