Reader feedback Tuesday

On our renewal notices here at the paper, we allow sections for reader feedback: Why I like the paper; What I would change. Here is today's installment, verbatim.

Why I Like:

I do not go ON LINE to read. Some of us still like to read a newspaper. Thank you for taking care of us. Don't "ON LINE" yourself out of business.

What I Would Change:

Try to put events, dates, times earlier so that when I get my paper by "snail mail" the event has not already happened.

First: Everybody, reverse course -- the future is behind us! Second: I don't know about you, and call me old-fashioned, and I don't follow the news, and what day is today?, but I can't wait for this "online" fad to finally end. Third: I mean, we post those dates and events on- ... forget it.